Our nutrient-rich powder, distinct from Textured Insect Protein Powder, as a pure insect-based ingredient. It offers a wealth of valuable nutrients, including proteins boasting a complete essential amino acid profile, alongside healthy fats comprising over 70% unsaturated fatty acids, omega-3, -6, and -9 fatty acids, prebiotic fibres derived from chitin, and an array of essential minerals and vitamins. This ingredient provides a seamless solution for incorporating all the benefits of insects into your products. Its subtle nutty flavor and nutritional richness serve as an excellent component for protein bars, snacks, bakery items, cereals, confectionery, and pasta.


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  • Rich in proteinscontains > 54 % protein

  • Complete proteins – all nine essential amino acids

  • Insect-based– pure mealworm-based powder

  • Healthy fats – over 70 % of unsaturated fatty acids

  • Dietary fibers contains up to 4 % fibers of chitin origin

  • Vitamins and minerals – contains some of essential vitamins and minerals

  • Free from eggs, dairy and soy

  • Mild, nutty taste with umami notes – mixes well with other ingredients

  • Flavor-enhancing properties – intensifies taste of other ingredients, for example meat

  • Powder texture – blends well into many applications

  • Low environmental impact – growing insects and plants require less land and water while emitting fewer greenhouse gases compared to traditional protein sources

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