A protein crafted to revolutionize your meat alternatives. Our insect protein delivers a delightful, slightly nutty, umami flavor that adapts to your preferences effortlessly. Its protein content exceeds 65% in dry form, it presents a complete array of essential amino acids. The protein's exceptional water-binding capacity and retention enhance your product's yield, ensuring optimal texture and juiciness. Upon integration into your culinary creations, our textured insect protein elevates dishes to new heights, seamlessly emulating the texture of traditionally cooked ground meat. The addition of your preferred seasonings and sauces amplifies culinary versatility, accommodating a spectrum of palates and preferences.


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  • Rich in proteins – contains > 65 % protein

  • Complete proteins – all nine essential amino acids

  • Hybrid proteins – consists of animal ant plant-based proteins

  • Healthy fats – up to 70 % of unsaturated fatty acids

  • Dietary fibers – contains 5 %

  • Free from eggs, dairy and soy

  • Mild nutty and umami flavour – mixes well with other ingredients

  • Juicy and tender texture – ideal for alternative meat products

  • Water absorption and retention – 1 g of product absorbs 2,2 g water

  • Low environmental impact – growing insects and plants require less land and water while emitting fewer greenhouse gases compared to traditional protein sources

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