Introducing Textured Insect Protein, an innovative solution tailored for discerning pet food producers seeking nutritious, environmentally conscious ingredients with visual appeal. Processed into a texture that is both visually enticing and easily digestible for pets, this ingredient enhances the palatability of wet pet food products with its favorable taste profile. Nutritionally, it provides proteins with a complete essential amino acid profile and healthy fats essential for the growth and maintenance of pets.



Nutrition & Health

Taste, Texture &


  • Rich in proteins contains > 70% proteins

  • Complete proteins – all essential amino acids

  • Hybrid proteins consists of animal ant plant-based proteins

  • Healthy proteins - contain up to 70% unsaturatted fatty acids

  • Range of minerals - Ca, P, Mg, Na, K and others

  • Dietary fibers – contains 5 %

  • Free from eggs, dairy and soy

  • Visually appealing appearance

  • Juicy and tender texture – ideal for alternative meat products

  • Water absorption/retention qualities

  • Perfect for sensitive digestion

  • Low in fat/calories – suitable after castration and sterilization

  • High absorption of proteins

  • Low environmental impact – growing insects and plants require less land and water while emitting fewer greenhouse gases compared to traditional protein sources

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